How The Sync Works

Once you have the Shopify app installed and connected to your Sales Channel, IDA then goes to work checking each of your products.

IDA matches any products that are on your Sales Channel that have the same SKU as variants in your Shopify store. Then every 5 minutes IDA checks for any updates in the master stock levels. If there is a change, it then compares the stock levels with those that should be on each matched sales channel. If there is a difference, IDA pushes the updated stock level to the sales channel.
IDA also checks orders every 5 minutes. If there is a new order on your Sales Channel, the order will be pushed to your Shopify store. And once the order is fulfilled, the details are then pushed back to the sales channel and the order has completed the IDA process.
There are some extra things IDA can do as well. Like add an extra line item to an order to identify the sales channel. Or set a shipping method based on which country the product was purchased in.
We will discuss these in detail shortly.