What can go wrong?

What Can Go Wrong? We have just touched on some of the reasons why things can go wrong but let’s have a look at the most common issues. Oversells Oversells are when a product is sold on a sales channel, but you have no stock available. There are a few factors that can be in […]

How to Get a Good Integrated Experience

How to Get a Good Integrated Experience Here are some of the common issues we see when integrating and how you can fix them to get a better experience. Get Your SKUs aligned When it comes to integrating, you need a way to match items on any system you want to connect. You are in […]

How The Sync Works

How Does the Sync Work? Each sync cycle, IDA Connect checks and aligns information between your Shopify store and your connected sales channels (eg. The Iconic). Information that is checked and synced: Stock levels Orders Optional extras, if you have configured them Stock level sync Every sync cycle, IDA Connect checks each matched SKU in […]